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Core Beliefs, Purpose & Activities

Core Beliefs, Purpose & Activities

Core Beliefs (Adopted May 18, 2014)

We, the members of First Presbyterian Church in the heart of Wichita, Kansas, believe that our lives should be Christ centered and lived with joy in response to God’s loving grace. We believe that a responsive life will focus on mission that strives to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of others, both near and far. We believe the Bible speaks to all individuals in all generations and, thus, requires thoughtful and continual study by all. We believe the Holy Spirit changed the lives of the Apostles and continues changing lives today, so we remain open to the ways in which the Spirit may call upon us to innovate and create.

Core Purpose

Our purpose is to witness to the presence of the risen Christ in the world and for the world.

Core Activities (Adopted April 15, 2014)

In the future, as it has in the past, FPC will serve as a beacon in downtown Wichita to draw     together a diversity of people into a community of Christian living by:

  • Providing sanctuary that
    • Is a welcoming and safe place for worship, reflection, confession, and renewal
    • Nurtures and invests in our young people
    • Spiritually strengthens and inspires all who gather within
    • Embraces diversity, unconditionally inviting all to establish a personal relationship with God through Christ.
  • Providing worship experiences that
    • Are based on Holy Scripture and address the current circumstances of our life
    • Allow us to acknowledge our shortcomings and celebrate our successes
    • Inspire us to live in response to the love God has shared with us
    • Support the spiritual journey of our young people
    • Help to involve us in the missions of the church.
  • Providing mission opportunities that
    • Address the needs of our local community
    • Work collaboratively with other local organizations
    • Tap into the regional, national, and international efforts of PCUSA
    • Strengthen our youth’s commitment to service
    • Empower our members to be the ones doing Christ’s work in the world
  • Providing educational opportunities that
    • Build us up as a community
    • Encourage honest questioning
    • Foster spiritual growth
    • Validate our young people and their thoughts while strengthening their faith and commitment.
    • Address the issues particular to various stages of life in a timely way

Core Values Through History—Gary Huffman  

Gary reported his insight in looking at the strong traditions of FPC, from its beginning in 1870: 

  • Worship and Music—traditional worship and excellent quality music
  • Strong lay leadership—organization and planning
  • Active response in Mission, both world and local
  • Strong presence in the Wichita community