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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

The First Presbyterian Wichita Foundation, Inc. exists for the sole purpose of creating a perpetual endowment to benefit and further the religious, charitable, and educational purposes and interests of First Presbyterian Church. A portion of the growth, interest and dividend earnings received each year is given to the Church in the form of a non-designated gift. The goal of the Foundation is to see assets grow, creating more opportunity for increasing dividends and interest income. This permits a growing income stream to First Presbyterian Church.

Annually, five percent of the three year average total valuation of all assets of the Foundation is distributed, without restriction, to the Church.  In 2020 the Foundation will distribute approximately $272,000.  Since the Foundation’s first distribution of $355 in 1968, the Foundation has distributed a cumulative total of 4.25 million dollars to the Church. 

Governance and Investment

Governance of the Foundation and oversight of its portfolio is entrusted to a nine member Board of Trustees all of whom are members of First Presbyterian Church.  Trustees serve for five-year terms and are not eligible to serve consecutive terms.  The primary investment objective of the Foundation is to invest the assets to obtain capital appreciation over the long term, without taking undue risk.  The nature of the investments may vary depending on the trend of the world, national, and local economies.  Because of the Foundation’s long term view of the markets, the Foundation may choose to hold investments even during significant market declines, providing the investments are viewed to have long term value.

Gifts To The Foundation

Each one of us will leave some kind of legacy.  The legacy we leave will bear witness to the commitments that shape our lives, including our faith.  As you can see, many at First Presbyterian Church have included the Foundation as a last act of stewardship.  Through “the Gift that Keeps on Giving” to the Foundation you can be a part of the continuing mission and ministry of First Presbyterian Church.

Gifts to the Foundation may take many forms:

Wills and Bequests                             Life Insurance                      

Gift Annuity                                    Charitable Remainder Trust

Appreciated Stock & Assets                     Retirement Plans

The proper wording for a bequest to the Foundation is:

“and to the First Presbyterian Wichita Foundation, Inc., a Kansas

not-for-profit, located in Wichita, Kansas, . . ..”

You should work with your own financial, legal, and tax advisors to fashion the plan that best suits your needs and purposes.

We encourage you to prayerfully consider how you are called to support the mission and ministry of First Presbyterian Church in your estate plan.  If you have any questions regarding the Foundation, please feel free to contact any member of the Foundation Board of Trustees.


  • President - Roger Eastwood
  • Vice President - Bill Copeland
  • Treasurer - Douglas Hutchison
  • Secretary - Kevin Cronkleton
  • Church Staff Representative - Brent Johnston
  • Trustees - Bill Copeland, Kevin Cronkleton, Roger Eastwood, Dick Wieland, Doug Hutchison, and Karen Reimer.


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