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First Church cares about the Christian education of all ages. We offer many ways for people of all ages to grow in relationship with God through the exploration of the Bible and its Word to our world today. Through Sunday Study groups, Wednesday evening classes and small group opportunities, your faith will be nurtured and strengthened through the educational ministry of First Church.

Sunday Study Group

10:45 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. both in-person and on Zoom. 

Durfee Lecture Series Links for “The Breadth of Salvation”

Do You Have Questions About Your Salvation? 

“Are our imaginations of salvation too narrow, self-obsessed, and self-justifying for the nature of the gospel?” 

“We should dare to hope that salvation is wider and broader and higher and deeper than we ever might imagine.”

These are the words of Tom Greggs, PhD. called one of today’s leading Christian theologians, and author of the recent book "The Breadth of Salvation." Through the generosity of the Durfee 360 Lecture Series, Dr. Greggs will be at our church (virtually) to present four lectures during March. Dr. Greggs, FRSE, holds the Marischal Chair at the University of Aberdeen, where he also serves as the Head of Divinity.

Lecture 1:  The Breadth of the Cross

Lecture 2: The Breadth of Salvation in the Society of God

Lecture 3: The Breadth of Grace for the Word

Lecture 4: The Breadth of Repentance

Scholarship Application

To assist financially in the education or training of First Presbyterian Church members in order that they may pursue higher education.

Repeat Scholarship Application