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How to Schedule and Publish an Event

When scheduling a new meeting or rescheduling or canceling an existing meeting to be held at the church, you must call 316-263-0248 or email the Administrative Assistant to verify that the desired room is available and to update the main church calendar.

Placing a meeting on the main church calendar through the receptionist serves as initial notification to facilities that the event will be held. Additionally, it is still necessary to complete a room set-up form for the event. These forms are available in the main church office and should be completed as soon as possible after the meeting is scheduled anddefinitely no less than two business days before the meeting/event.

Additionally, once a meeting/event is on the main church calendar it will automatically appear in calendars found in the church’s various publications (bulletins, First Presby News, website, and email updates)—provided it was placed there by publication deadlines (see below). If you wish to have additional information on a publication, please call or email Michelle Edwards at You can have an article further explaining your event added to various publications.

In order to use The Well, please contact the church for The Well Request Form.

Finally, if there is a last minute cancellation or a change to a meeting/event (including location!), please let the receptionist know as soon as possible. Facilities staff is on site for all church events and must know in the event of a cancellation.

Other Submissions

Have some special news to share with the congregation? Please submit any congratulations, awards, achievements, kudos, thanks, and so forth to Michelle Edwards.