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Welcome to The Well! A place where relationships are deepened and thirsts are quenched.

 It is in this space that we wish to welcome guests to our church   before and after worship services or for special programed   events.  

 The Well is a coffeehouse and hospitality center named after   Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well, found in the 4th Chapter of John.

It so happens that the Rev. J. P. Harsen, the first installed pastor of the church, was known for ministering to the entire community, which included the saloons, gambling houses, and entertainment centers. He was known for seeking out despondent persons in these places and comforting them, never identifying himself as a minister, but only as a friend.

It was said of Harsen that “his everyday life was a sermon.” Years later when the Stone Church was being built, according to oral tradition, a representative from the Tremont Street Community, i.e., Red Light District, approached the building committee about contributing to a window honoring Rev. Harsen. Apparently the offer was accepted. There is no written record of who selected the theme of the window, which is titled “The Woman of Samaria.” The choice of subject was a fitting symbol of the Christ-like labors of a man who ministered to the whole community.

In honor of Rev. Harsen, The Well strives to be a place where people from all walks of life can encounter Jesus through hospitality offered in His name.

The Well was made possible by funds from The DeVore Foundation and the McCandless estate enabling us to create the DeVore Welcome Center, refered to daily as The Well